How Do Live Dealer Games Work?

How Do Live Dealer Games Work?

I’ve had this question from many, many punters. That number is probably well into the hundreds and that’s quite understandable, after all these games haven’t been around for all that long. So, how is live dealer casino holdem or any other game of that kind working? It’s actually quite simple.

The providers of these services, such as PlayTech and Evolution Gaming, have created offices that are exactly like land based casinos. Loads of tables with dealers or croupiers working at them and assisting the games. That’s the first one.

You as a player, find a live dealer casino that you like and sign up. To join a table, you simply click a button and boom – you are at it. If there are free seats available, you sit down and the dealer is instantly notificated about a new player that just sat down.

Once you have sat, you’ll have to wait before a new round of betting starts. Typically the dealer will shout something along the lines of ”Place Your Bets, Please”, while also notifying you about the betting round closing up. Most software providers also have a big, shiny timer showing the amount of time you have to place your bets.

Actual Play

When it’s your turn to make a decision, live dealer play does not differ from online one in any way. The dealer will say your casino nickname and ask you to make a decision. Several buttons will be presented, allowing you to make it. Depending on what that decision is, the dealer might deal more cards or take your hand down if you are done with the hand.

How are Payouts Awarded?

This might be the only difference, when comparing live dealer casinos with regular establishments. The chips are all virtual – you place virtual chips and they are also awarded in the same fashion. Dealers never have any chips in hand, but they do congratulate you for winning!


The chance to see and interact with the dealers is brought to you by the latest internet technologies. To fully take advantage and have a high quality experience, you must have a solid internet connection with a reasonable speed.

Most casinos will let you choose between streaming HD video and something of a little lower quality, thus all players are welcomed and can pick whatever works best for them.

What Games are Offered?

Casino industry has certainly grown to a new extent and the level of gaming entertainment is growing almost daily. To this day, the most popular live dealer games offered are Casino Holdem, Roulette, BlackJack and Baccarat.

I know a couple of casinos that also offer live dealer sic bo, but that game has not yet taken off in the industry. One of these is Winner, which is also my favorite one for playing these kind of games.

Apply Your Knowledge!

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