Rules of Casino Holdem

Rules of Casino Holdem

There are all kinds of casino poker games out there – ones that are played against the house instead of other players. Majority of people actually seem to prefer these, as they are way simpler to learn and play. No strategical knowledge is required for the most part and there are only a couple of playing tips to consider. We’ve developed a simple ”how to play & rules” guide for those of you that want to play live dealer casino holdem, but are not aware of what the rules are.


Every round or hand of Casino Holdem starts with making a wager. While there are three betting boxes on the table layout, players can only wager on two of these.

  • The Ante Bet – main type of wager and you’ll have to place this one before any cards will be dealt.

  • AA Bonus Bet – kind of a side bet wager that allows players to earn an additional payout for making a hand that is equal or better than a pair of aces in strength.

After you have placed the ante bet and decided whether to make a bonus bet or not, press the ”deal” button and two cards will be dealt to you. These are known as hole cards.

So now you hold two hole cards and three cards are also dealt on the table, known as the flop. This is where one of the most important decisions comes in place. You have to decide between two options:

  • Fold – give up your hand and lose the original ante wager.

  • Call – put up double the ante wager and move the hand to a showdown.

Showdown means that two more cards, known as the turn and river, will be dealt on the table and dealer will open up his cards. Winner is determined right away, after your and dealers hands are compared.

Payouts are awarded right away according to the Casino Holdem Payouts Chart and by taking a pretty important rule into account – whether the dealer has qualified or not. The payout chart is only taken into account for the ”Call” wager made, if the dealer does not qualify, your ante bet will be paid out at even money odds, while the other one will be a push.

This isn’t the case for AA Bonus bet – it’s paid regardless of whether dealer qualifies or not and only the strength of your hand is taken into account.

Qualifying Rules for The Dealer

Whether the dealer qualifies or not is actually one of the most important aspects in Casino Holdem. If he doesn’t, you’ll earn an even money payout at most (maybe an additional payout for the bonus bet). However, if he does qualify, you have a shot at making a massive payout, up to 100 to 1 on your call bet!

So here’s that important rule:” For the dealer to qualify, his hand must be equal or better to a pair of 4’s

Apply Your New Knowledge!

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