Is Playing Safe?

Is Playing Live Dealer Games Safe?

One of the most common questions among players: ”Are all these casino games really legit and how can I know that they are not rigged?” While it’s a pretty obvious question that many part time players would have, I keep getting them from people who are already very savvy with the whole gambling online thing.

First of all… Yes, gambling online is as safe if not safer than doing so at land based casinos. This also accounts for live dealer casino games. All your data is always protected through encrypted connections so none would never gain access to any of your data.

Regarding the games themselves, all casinos (at least the ones we suggest playing at) are fully licensed by official parties. They are constantly checked for fairness of games, their financial situation and even whether they serve their players well.

Why Would Casinos Ever Cheat?

Question that you should be asking yourself… Don’t get me wrong, there have been some bad apples in the online casino industry too. People who didn’t have a clue on how to run an online casino and spent all their money in their fancy lifestyles, instead of playing their players. There will always be exceptions and cheaters. This can, as you will learn in the next paragraph, be easily avoided by choosing to play at big gambling sites, with years of proven track record.

Back to the original question now. So what’s the point of cheating for casinos? There’s none… If you weren’t aware, all casino games have a mathematical advantage implemented, thus the house always wins in the longterm. They make money every time you play (statistically), so why in the world would they cheat you out of a couple of dollars and lose all their business? Think about this every time you start to think that casino games might be rigged.

How To Choose a Casino?

Casino choice isn’t really anything complicated. There are plenty of big, well known brands in the industry. You only have to choose one that suits you best and you are all set! The big brands are those that have been around for several years, offer a wide range of games and often work in all kinds of markets – sportsbetting, poker, financials.

Couple of the big ”guns” we suggest for playing live dealer casino holdem at are Winner Casino, Bet365, 888 and Titan Casino. All of these are massive, recognized brands with years of industry experience.

My personal favorite out of these all is Winner. Their brand is a great example of how all casinos should be operated. Everything from their brand name to their games is flawless and players can also take advantage of a $2,000 Welcome Bonus! As a limited time offer, you’ll also get $/£30 FREE for just opening your account. Click on the banner below to claim this limited time bonus!